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mardi 25 août 2009

Alterna Caviar Moisture

Alterna caviar mon favori du moment

J'ai acheté dernièrement ce duo shampoing et revitalisant pour en faire l'essai. Je suis une grande fan de Phytothérapie et j'utilise cette marque depuis quelques années. Il était donc temps de faire changement...

Il faut savoir que je suis particulièrement difficile sur la qualité de ce genre de produit, c'est pour cette raison que je suis fidèle a Phyto, car ils donnent de bons résultats.

Voici donc mes commentaires:

Le shampoing Caviar (moisture):
L'odeur est fraîche et très plaisante sans être trop présente. Lors du contact dans les mains, on sens la qualité, le produit est doux, riche et concentré sans être liquide (comme les shampoings phyto, le principal reproche que j'ai concernant les shampoings de cette gamme).

On sent le kwiq kwiq après le rincage au passage des doigts sur les cheveux humides. Bon signe, c'est propre.

Le revitalisant Caviar (moisture)
L'odeur n'est pas coordonnée avec le shampoing et n'est pas aussi plaisante. Toutefois, la texture et l'hydratation sont au rendez-vous.

Mais le vrai test est au moment du coiffage...
Moi qui utilise habituellement une tonne de démêlant pour mes cheveux longs, fins, secs et traités chimiquement. J'ai passé le peigne et MIRACLE aucun besoin de démélant! Une révélation. La gamme est un peu plus chère mais me permet d'économiser sur un produit... Donc, on amorti le coût de ce duo.

Un fois séchés, mes cheveux ont montré une brillance accrue.

Mon verdict:

En passant, je n'ai dénoté aucune odeur de caviar ou de poisson. Mais Tommy, mon chat fut attiré par les bouteilles, et les as senties. Curiosité féline ou odeurs perçues par le chat? Le mystère persiste...


lundi 24 août 2009

Do your hair need moisture or protein?

Here's a simple trick to know which products to use to treat your hair.
All you need is:
  • a glass of water
  • one of your hair.
Place your hair in the glass of water.
You hair sink? You need protein
You hair float ? you need moisture (like me)
And you? What your hair needs?


What I am using right now TAG

Hi, here's my favorites of the moment.

Caviar moisturising shampoo

Caviar moisiturising conditionner

Styling products:
Caviar beach
S-Factor hairspray
S-Factor serum
Moroccan oil

Shower Gel:
Dove bar the energising scented one (go fresh)

Body moisturiser:
St-Ives collagen and elastin

lady speed stick in melon

Fake Tan:
L'Oreal Sublime bronze spray in medium (body)
Clarins Intense bronze lotion

Carita Gélée des lagons
Yves St-Laurent biphase for the eyes

Carita (face)
Le gant Renaissance (body)

Not using

Foundation brushes:
Lise Watier and phylosophy

MAC select cover up in NW25

MAC MSF in medium

Vary everyday. MAC and Nars ans Lise Watier are my favorites

Bobbi Brown and Lise Watier

Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in beige or copper (LE)

Eyeshadow base:
Not using

Change everyday, my favorites MAc and Nars

Shu Uemura

Yves Saint-Laurent Effet faux cils in black

I really love lipstick more than lipgloss for fall. Because of the coverage. I love nude colors from MAC and Nars Belle de Jour (lipstick and in jumbo pencil-more matte).

MAC or Nars

Nail Colour:
Essie or OPI in nude or dark red


jeudi 20 août 2009

Beach waves with BabyLiss Pro Twins barrel curling iron

Today I received by mail my new Babyliss Pro twins barrels iron (model:BABC2282C).

It's been months since I lemming this one, with no idea of the final results, even tought I searched the Internet for long hours to find photos of the results it can give.

This afternnon I give it a try. At first, to be honest I was not please with the results. It give a lot of volume. But after an hour, it look best and I take photos, and it convince me that is a nice purchase.

Here's the side:

The front:

This is the beast ;-)

My type of hair:
Take note that I have very long hair, and at first it cut a lot of lenght. Don't be afraid, the hair will stretch after one hour.
My hair is fine and naturally wavy, and I used the setting 24. You can choose the heat between 1 to 30.

How to use it:

You protect your hair from the heat with a good product.
You take a piece of hair and you form an 8 with the hair around the two barrels and that's it. You have to be careful with your fingers because this have no clamp. But the tips are safe, it's plastic.

Estimated time:
About 25 minutes for the head and I'm new to this. So expect to be as fast as a regular curling iron.


mercredi 19 août 2009

A beauty secret for your hair

I'm the one who try a lot of hair products. My last secret is: moroccan oil. Yes, I put oil in my hair! Is it greasy? No! Is my hair get flat? No! It add moisture and shine. In fact, it saved my long hair from a bad coloring I had in last May (the colorist is today my ex-colorist). At the first application, you can see how your hair is different. Soft and shiny, with no dry ends.

At first, when I saw the products,I was thinking is was for african hair, I heard it do wonders for them, but it's for all kind of hair. But one of my best friend raved about it and offer me a bottle for my birthday. She was right, it saved my hair! Thank you Pamela. :-)

You apply it on wet or dry hair. Your stylist can also put it in the color mix when you color your hair, it add sheen.

A few weeks ago, I shared my little secret with a sale rep in one of my favorite clothings store and today she thanked me for having shared my secret, she bought the bottle and she also raved about the product. In fact her hair was in better conditions than the last time I had seen her.

So if you need a little moisture for your hair, go get it. Plus it's a canadian line based in Montreal.

Cost: 39$ CAN


lundi 10 août 2009

Lise Watier Quad in Vibration

I receive this baby yesterday from my brother in law and his girlfriend as a birthday gift. So today, I tried it. I used 3 colors except the green. The lilac is very beautiful with brown eyes. My eyes really pop. So it is a great gift and will use it a lot this fall. Lilac is really the color of the moment.

Have a nice day.


lundi 3 août 2009

Finally a new camera.

Finally a new camera. I will be able to post looks.
This is a look from yesterday. I used my new Bobbi Brown palette.

I used Maple Sugar Metallic Eye Shadow and Caviar Eye Shadow 5th and 6th color on the palette.

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