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dimanche 10 janvier 2010

Ben Nye Fireworks Wheel - One word: fascinating!

If you like gold, silver, copper, bronze, frosty white, etc. You will love Ben Nye Fireworks Wheel.
This wheel contain all you need to achevieve a look that will stay put all day long with a good color pigmentation.

Like a lot of canadian who love beauty and fashion, I watch Look A Like. A popular tv show that took normal peoples and transform them in look alike stars. Paul Venoit, the makeup artist who is in the show, always seem to use this wheel. It took me a while to identify it but...

The other day, I was watching videos from Youtube and see one that featuring this wheel. It took me 1 second to make the association. So after a lillte research, I ordered this wheel. If Paul Venoit create fabulous look with, I WANT IT! :-)

It's been a couple of day I experiment with it and I love it, no wonder makeup artist use it. It is very versatile. I use it on my eyes, on my lips, on the cheeks. The color are fabulous ans stay put all day long. I'm happy with it.

Price: $16 US (very reasonable and good quality)

Description of the manufacturer: This metallic creme is used by thousands of professional makeup artists everyday to transform straight makeup to fabulous and sexy. It is slightly transparent so it is noticeable, and yet sophisticated. The six colors include: gold dust, bronze, silver satin, diamond ice, ruby luster, and copper. Use the ruby on cheeks and accent your eyelids, browbones,cheekbones, hair and chest with the other five colors.

Paul Venoit website:


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