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mercredi 6 janvier 2010

Japonesque lip palette

Happy new year everyone!
As a new year resolution, I decided to play even more with my makeup. How can I manage my fabulous stock and use it more?
A lip palette that can contain the majority of my lipstick.
I choose the one from Japonesque, The price is a little bit expensive (24$US) for the quality (looking very cheap) and don't get me started on the shipping cost 30$US.
But I really needed a lip palette who can let me play with all my lipsticks and create new tones.

Here the palette empty, I place it on the January 2010 Allure magazine with the beautiful Jennifer Lopez, to give you an idea of the size.

Before I attcaked the lipstick (with a knife and a spatula who came with the palette), I made a little bit of sorting. What lipstick will go here ans there.

Tadam! Here's the palette full of lipstick. You guess that I absolutely love nude lipsticks. Click to see larger image and the name of each lipstick.

Do you have a lip palette? If yes, what brand is it?


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