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jeudi 20 août 2009

Beach waves with BabyLiss Pro Twins barrel curling iron

Today I received by mail my new Babyliss Pro twins barrels iron (model:BABC2282C).

It's been months since I lemming this one, with no idea of the final results, even tought I searched the Internet for long hours to find photos of the results it can give.

This afternnon I give it a try. At first, to be honest I was not please with the results. It give a lot of volume. But after an hour, it look best and I take photos, and it convince me that is a nice purchase.

Here's the side:

The front:

This is the beast ;-)

My type of hair:
Take note that I have very long hair, and at first it cut a lot of lenght. Don't be afraid, the hair will stretch after one hour.
My hair is fine and naturally wavy, and I used the setting 24. You can choose the heat between 1 to 30.

How to use it:

You protect your hair from the heat with a good product.
You take a piece of hair and you form an 8 with the hair around the two barrels and that's it. You have to be careful with your fingers because this have no clamp. But the tips are safe, it's plastic.

Estimated time:
About 25 minutes for the head and I'm new to this. So expect to be as fast as a regular curling iron.


Oooooh! Your hair looks amazing! They look like ur natural curls! Wow!

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