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mercredi 19 août 2009

A beauty secret for your hair

I'm the one who try a lot of hair products. My last secret is: moroccan oil. Yes, I put oil in my hair! Is it greasy? No! Is my hair get flat? No! It add moisture and shine. In fact, it saved my long hair from a bad coloring I had in last May (the colorist is today my ex-colorist). At the first application, you can see how your hair is different. Soft and shiny, with no dry ends.

At first, when I saw the products,I was thinking is was for african hair, I heard it do wonders for them, but it's for all kind of hair. But one of my best friend raved about it and offer me a bottle for my birthday. She was right, it saved my hair! Thank you Pamela. :-)

You apply it on wet or dry hair. Your stylist can also put it in the color mix when you color your hair, it add sheen.

A few weeks ago, I shared my little secret with a sale rep in one of my favorite clothings store and today she thanked me for having shared my secret, she bought the bottle and she also raved about the product. In fact her hair was in better conditions than the last time I had seen her.

So if you need a little moisture for your hair, go get it. Plus it's a canadian line based in Montreal.

Cost: 39$ CAN


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